1. To recommend to the Executive Committee short and long-term initiatives and opportunities which support IFFTI’s overall goals, aims and vision, and the costs of which might appropriately utilize the surplus funds of the Foundation.

2. In doing this, to take into account that education initiatives are at the heart of IFFTI and its purpose. In addition to reflect the ambition to bring forward and share innovative and best practice from Fashion Technology institutions worldwide, enabling IFFTI members to be at the forefront of education and practice in Fashion Technology.

3. Initiatives might include but not be limited to:

(a) Sponsorship of students and / or junior faculty (not otherwise covered by membership funds) for attendance at the conference or other IFFTI activities;

(b) Organization of specialist workshops focused on mutually beneficial knowledge sharing;

(c) Development of the website or other means to support dissemination of knowledge and practice amongst member institutions;

(d) Other initiatives potentially of benefit to all members.

1. Mr. Robert Ott (Chair) Ryerson University, Canada
2. Dr Patsy Perry (Deputy Chair) The University of Manchester, UK
3. Ms. Marjolyn Brussaard ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Fashion Department, The Netherlands
4. Ms. Tracy Pritchard Falmouth University, UK
5. Prof. Claudio Moderini Pearl Academy of Fashion, India
6. Dr. Ho Zhaohua Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan
7. Ms. Alison Welsh Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
8. Prof. Dr.Sharmila J. Dua National Institute of Fashion Technology, India
9. Ms. Tao Hui Wuhan Textile University , P.R.China