The IFFTI Faculty Exchange Initiative (Mobility) is an honorarium scheme established to fund exchange visits between IFFTI member institutions or short visits by individuals to present or advise on specialist areas of fashion education. When considering possible exchanges, members should consider the potential issues that could arise due to language barriers and note that visits/exchange can take place within regions, as well as across continents.

Successful applicants will be asked to submit a written report (approx. 1500 words) or 2-3 minutes video Presentations to the IFFTI Secretariat which may be featured on the IFFTI website. The honorarium will be transferred to the individuals home institution upon receipt of the report.

There will be two Mobility application cycles per year as follows :-
a) Cycle I
i) Application Submission : 30th May 2017
ii) Decisions : 15th June, 2017
iii) Travel : November, 2017 to April , 2018

b) Cycle II
i) Application Submission : 30th November,2017
ii) Decision : 15th January, 2018
iii) Travel : May-October, 2018

Click to download the Faculty Exchange Initiative (Mobility) Application Form.

All applications should be submitted to Mr. Robert Ott as Chair of the Education Initiative Subcommittee. Please submit by email to robert.ott@ryerson.ca 

The details of the successful faculty who have undertaken this programme are given below:-

1 Dr Rajani Jain NIFT 2015 Manchester Metropolitan University, UK Annexure
2 Kislaya Choudhary NIFT 2015 North Carolina State University, College of Textiles Annexure
3 Laura Holmes Brown RMIT University 2015 Bunka Gakuen University Annexure
4 Ms. Rakhi Wahee Pratap NIFT 2016 RMIT University Annexure
5 Dr.Samuel Wesley NIFT 2016 RMIT University Annexure
6 Ms.Elisa Palomino Polimoda 2016 Bunka Annexure
7 Mrs.Mandy Penton RMIT 2016 Ecole Dupree Annexure