General Council Members

IFFTI has constituted a General Council which comprises of two members (Authorised and Alternative Representatives) from each member Institution.
An Executive Committee has also been convened to address important issues about IFFTI on behalf of the General Council.
1. AMD Akademie Mode & Design
Germany (a) Kai Metzner

(b) Prof. Claudia Ebert-Hesse
Fashion, Media, Management and Design Research Clusters are: Visual Culture (Images and Space), Digital Future (Creative New Realities), Identities of Fashion (Societies and Aesthetics), Sustainable Design (Curating Ethical Approaches) and Management of Creative Industries (Inside the Business)
2. Amsterdam Fashion Institute (Hogeschool)
The Netherlands (a)  Leslie Holden

(b) Marianne Wammes
Fashion & Design, Fashion&Management,
Fashion & Branding
Research centre is concerned with Fashion Research and Technology
3. ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Fashion Department
The Netherlands (a) Prof.Danielle Bruggeman

(b) Marjolijn Brussaard
Fashion Design, Fashion Strategy, Fashion Professorship, Centre of Expertise Future Makers
4. Arch Academy of Design
India (a) Archana Surana

(b) Benoy Thoompunkal
Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (BIFT)
P. R. China (a) Secretary Ma Shengjie  

(b) Prof. Yang Jie
BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology (BUFT)
Bangladesh (a) Muzaffar U Siddique

(b) Prof. Dr. Engr. Ayub Nabi
BUFT poses membership of following organization to participate in numerous research approaches.
- IFFTI (The International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institute), Paris, France.
- IAF (International Apparel Federation)
- ACU (Association of Commonwealth Universities)
- Corporate Member of Textile Institute, UK.
- SDC-Society of Dyers and Colorists (SDC), USA

Bunka Gakuen University
Japan (a)  Prof.Norio Nakanishi

(b)  Prof. Yoko Takagi
De Mont Fort University
United Kingdom (a) Buddy Penfold

(b) Carolyn Hardaker
9.   Donghua University
P. R. China (a)  Prof. Li Jun

(b) Dr. Xiaokun Yu
10. Ecole Duperre School
France (a)  Alain Sorei

(b) Ms. Natacha Lallemand
Ewha Womans University
South Korea (a) Prof. Boo-Rim Joo

(b) Prof. Yeon-Jung Kim
12. Falmouth University
United Kingdom (a) Tracy Pritchard

(b) John Boddy
Specialist Art, Design University. It also supports Media and Business, The fashion and textiles Institute has five courses including Fashion Design, Sportswear Design, Textiles, Fashion Photography and Fashion Marketing.
13. Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising
USA (a)   Prof. Barbara Bundy

(b)   Anne Bennion
14. Fashion Institute of Technology
USA (a)   Dr. Deirdre Sato 

(b)   Dr. Giacomo Oliva
Accessories Design, Fabric Styling
Fashion Business Management, Fashion Design, International Trade and Marketing for the Fashion Industries, Jewelry Design, Production Management, Textile Design
15. Fu Jen Catholic University
Taiwan (a) Dr. Ho Zhaohua

(b) Prof. Su-Lee-Tsai
Fashion Design, Textile Design, Fashion Marketing, Brand and Fashion Management RESEARCH -
a) Chinese Textiles and Clothing Culture Center
b) Global Sustainable Fashion Center                  
c) FJU Talents

Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong (a)   Prof.Basia Szkutnicka
(b)   Professor Jin-tu Fan
Postdoctoral, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), (M.Phil), Fashion and Textile Design, Fashion and Textiles, Fashion and Textiles (Fashion Merchandising) (Xian, PRC)

Hong Kong Design Institute (IVE)
Hong Kong (a)   Dr Joseph Wong

(b)   Cassandra Ng

Institut Francais de la Mode
France (a)  Sylvie Ebel

(b)   David ZAJTMANN
Fashion and Luxury Management, Fashion Design
19. Istanbul Moda Academy
Turkey (a) Seda Lafci

(b) Gulin Girismen
Running an EU Project on "Digitalization in Textile: From Design to Production", held by European Union and Foreign Affairs Ministry of Industry and Technology and Istanbul Ready-Made and Garment Exporters Association (IHKIB), this year. As a part of this project, we are planning to have an "Experimental Centre for Digital Transformation" in Ä°MA, in 2019
20. Kazan National Research Technological University
Russia (a) Elmira A. Khammatova

(b) Lydmila N. Abutalipova
KEA Copenhagen School of Design and Technology
Denmark (a)  Annette Havkær 

(b)  Louise Boel

Kent State University
USA (a) Prof.J.R.Campbell

(b)  Dr. Kim Hahn
Research Initiative
TechStyleLAB (research/commercial/learning center) in the Fashion School at Kent State.
KSU Museum with the extensive fashion/costume collections:
23. Kingston University
United Kingdom (a) Prof. Elinor Renfrew

(b) Colin Rhodes
Fashion Design including Menswear Womenswear Knitwear, Print
24. LA Salle College of the Arts
Singapore (a) Circe Henestrosa

(b) Nur Hidayah Abu Bakar
Design, Fashion Design and Textiles,
Fashion Media and Industries
25. London College of Fashion
United Kingdom (a) Prof. Frances Corner

(b) Prof. Paul Yuille
Accessories Design, Bespoke Tailoring, Cosmetic Science, Costume Design for Performance, Creative Direction for Fashion, Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Fashion, Fashion Business and Management, Fashion Buying and Merchandising, Fashion Contour, Fashion Craft, Fashion Curation, Fashion Design, Fashion Design Technology, Fashion Development, Fashion Journalism, Fashion History, Culture and Criticism, Fashion Marketing, Fashion Media Production, Fashion Illustration and Image making, Fashion Film, Fashion Photography, Fashion Pattern Cutting and Garment Technology, Fashion Public Relations and Communication, Fashion Retail Management, Fashion Sportswear, Fashion Styling and Production, Fashion Sustainability, Fashion Textiles, Knit, Embroidery and Print, Fashion Visual Merchandising and Branding, Footwear Design, Hair and Make-up for Fashion, Hair and Make-up and Prosthetics for Performance, Psychology of Fashion, Technology and Fashion, Visual Merchandising and Branding for Fashion, 3D Effects for Performance and Fashion, Centre for Sustainable Fashion, Centre for Fashion Curation, Centre for Fashion Business and Innovation Research, Design for Performance Hub, Better Living Research Hub, Fashion Media and Imagery, Global Disability Innovation Hub, Masculinities Hub, Cultural & Historical Studies Hub, Visual Arts at LCF. Research Students Hub, Transnational Fashion Hub, Also here is a link to the page if required
26. Manchester Metropolitan University
United Kingdom a) Anthony Bednall

b) Alison Welsh
Fashion Promotion, Fashion Design & Technology (Womenswear/Menswear/Sportswear), Fashion Buying & Merchandising, Fashion Business & Management, International Fashion (Top Up), Fashion & Business, Fashion Buying & Merchandising Management, At the Manchester Fashion Institute, our specialized research works in collaboration with the wider University, linking with other Departments/Faculties and bridging expertise in the following areas, and more: Wearable Technologies/Health/Innovative Materials & Product Development/Fashion Business/Design/Pedagogy
27. Middlesex University
United Kingdom (a) Philip Clarke

(b) Gareth Williams
Fashion Design, Fashion Textiles, Fashion Communication and Styling, Additionally, here is a link to the university's full range of research activity:
28. National Institute of Fashion Technology
India (a)  Prof. Sharmila J. Dua

(b) Sarada Muralidharan
29. North Carolina State University 
USA (a)  Dr. Kate Annett-Hitchcock

(b) Dr. Traci Lamar
Textile Protection and Comfort Center, The Nonwovens Institute, Zeis Textiles Extension, Forensic Sciences Institute
30. Nottingham Trent University
United Kingdom (a)   Prof.Anthony Kent

(b)   Dr Amanda Briggs-Goode
Fashion Design, Fashion Knitwear Design and Knitted Textiles, Textile Design, Fashion Management, Fashion Communication and Promotion, Fashion Marketing and Branding, International Fashion Business, Fashion Design, Fashion Knitwear Design, Textile Design Innovation, Culture, Style and Fashion, Fashion Communications, Fashion Marketing, International Fashion Management, PhD…across these days
31. Otago Polytechnic
New Zealand (a) Prof. Margo Barton 

(b) Tania Allan Ross
32. Pearl Academy
India (a)  Prof.Nandita Abraham

(b)  Prof. Claudio Moderini
Fashion Design, Fashion Styling & Image Design, Fashion Media Communication, Fashion Media Make up, Interior Design, Product Design, Accessories Design, Fashion Business, Luxury Brands, Professional Photography, Media & Communication, Advertising & Branding
33. Polimoda
Italy (a) Danilo Venturi

(b) Linda Loppa  
Fashion Design, Fashion Business, Art Direction, Design Management
34. Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
Australia (a) Dr Tiziana Ferrero-Regis  

(b) Ms. Kathleen Horton
Design (Fashion), Business/Design (Fashion), Design (International) (Fashion), Fashion’s research is currently positioned in the Design Lab and IFE, Institute for Future Environments, in cross-disciplinary collaboration with Science, Engineering and Technology.
35. Reutlingen University
Germany (a) Prof. Dr. Jochen Strähle

(b) Michael Goretzky
Internatioanl Fashion Retail, Textile Design / Fashion Design, Textile Technology / Textile Management, Transportation Interior Design, Textile Chain Research Master Design (specialisations: Textile Design, Fashion Design, Transportation Interior Design, Artistic Conception), Interdisciplinary Product Development
36. Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, School of Fashion & Textiles
Australia (a) Prof. Robyn Healy

(b) Dr. Jenny Underwood
Design, Technology and Enterprise, Research Centre for Materials Innovation and Future Fashion (CMIFF)
37. Ryerson University
Canada (a) Robert Ott 

(b) To be nominated
Fashion with the following specializations:, Fashion Design, Fashion Communication, Materials and Fabrications, Design Leadership, Fashion Studies, Graduate
38. Saxion University of Applied Science
The Netherlands (a) Sacha Tournier

(b) Theresia Grevinga
Fashion & Textile Technology, with a special focus on Materials, Innovative Textile Development, Saxion Research Centre (lectorate) Smart Functional Materials, that holds 3 research lines : - Sustainable Textiles, Smart Materials Surface Modification.
39.   Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts
Shanghai (a)  Prof. LI Keling

(b)   Lu Pin
40. Shih Chien University
Taiwan (a) Ra Thomson 

(b) Grace Hsieh
41. School of Fashion Technology
India (a) Dr. M. Hundekar 

(b) Mr. Satyajit Joglekar
42. The Swedish School of Textiles 
Sweden (A) Dr. Clemens Thornquist

(B) Dr. Karin Landahl
Australia (a) Anne Normoyle

(b) To be nominated
Couture, Menswear, Tailoring, Surface Textiles, Fashion branding.
44. Temasek Polytechnic
Singapore (a)  Lim Chong Jin 

(b)  Lee Kyung Mi
45.   University College Ghent 
Belgium (a) Alexandra De Raeve

(b) Linda Deceuninck
The Fashion and Textile Innovation Lab (FTI Lab) is a specialized research Centre,
a) Leading provider of integrated product development services to the textile and clothing industry                
b) Demonstration platform for digital processing and has extensive infrastructure for prototyping and testing
c) Has an expert panel to evaluate fabric touch and feel and carries out in-depth interviews and questionaires in the context of user centered design.
46. The University of Manchester

United Kingdom (a) Prof Liz Barnes

(b) Prof. Dr. Henry, Yi LI
1) Management and marketing
2) Sustainability and Business focus
3) Textiles and Apparel
4) Teaching Specialization - Fashion Business & Technology Programmes. RESEARCH -
a) In Management and Marketing, most researchers are in this theme focus on fashion apparel and textiles.
b) In Textile & Apparel The research starts from small to big scales: Graphene and 2D materials to form and/or functionalize fibers; fibre to form yarns, nonwovens and fabrics; yarns, nonwovens and fabrics to form composites, devices and apparels, buildings and airplanes with innovations in novel fibre spinning, fibre functionalization, nonwoven fabrication, robotics, textiles and advanced composites, functional property measurements, smart textiles and wearables, body scanning and digital apparel.
47. University of Portsmouth
United Kingdom (a) Tom Clulee

(b) Rachel Homewood
Fashion and Textile Design
48. University of Technology Sydney 
Australia (a) Alana Clifton-Cunningham

(b) Cecilia Heffer

Wuhan Textile University
P.R.China (a) Prof. Tao Hui

(b) Dr Jiang Xuewei
Five research centers 1) Hubei province key research center of fashion and art, 2) Hubei province intangible culture heritage research center 3) Hubei province denim engineering research center 4) Wuhan textile and fashion digital technology and engineering research center 5) WTU recycling and sustainability research center
50.   Zhejiang International Institute of Fashion Technology
P. R. China (a) Prof. Yuxiu YAN

(b) Prof. Xiaofen Ji
College for Creative Studies
United States (a) Aki Choklat

(b) Kristin Barker
Fashion Accessories, Focusing on Footwear, Handbags and Small Leather Goods.
52. Fashion & Design Institute (Industrial and Vocational Training Board)
Mauritius (a) K. Bheenick

(b) Francois de Grivel
53.   IMS Design & Innovation Academy
India (a) Shilpi Gupta

(b) Nien Sao
Fashion Design, Interior Design, Communication Design and Accessory Design
54. ISEM Fashion Business School
Spain (a) Teresa Sadaba

(b) Leonor Silva
Details of Specializations
- Traceability in the Fashion Industry
- Fashion Digital Marketing
- American Fashion System
- Spanish Fashion System

Specialized Research Centers
- Digital Fashion Brands
- Applied Creativity Research Center
- Materials Lab
LDT Nagold
Germany (a) Manfred Mroz

(b)  Rüdiger Jung
Fashion-Management‘(Retail & Brands).
56.   Mod ‘Art International
France (a) Hilary Walker

(b) Annabel BISMUTH
57. Osaka Institute of Fashion
Japan (a) Jiro Mori

(b)  Yoshinori Seki
58. Symbiosis Institute of Design
India (a) Sanjeevani Ayachit  

(b) Millie Thakur
Fashion Design, Fashion Communication, Graphic Design, User Experience Design, Animation Film Design, Video Film Design, Product Design, Interior Space Design
59. Shanghai International Fashion Education Center (SIFEC)
China (a) TIM XU

(b) Ying Xue
60.   LECTRA
France (a) Valerie Vaillant   INFORMATION AWAITED
International Apparel Federation (IAF)
The Netherlands (a)  Han Bekke

(b)  Matthijs Crietee
62. International Wool Textile organization
Belgium (a) Vassilis Masselos INFORMATION AWAITED