Types of Membership



To be eligible for consideration as a ‘Regular Member’, an Institute must demonstrate that it is an outstanding fashion institute of national and international standing, dedicated to integrated pursuit of all three areas relating to fashion education, namely design, technology and business. Additionally:

• Its mission statement and program offerings demonstrate the quality of the institution’s leadership in promoting international fashion education.

• It has been accorded Government recognition/ registration as an institution providing education in fashion under the appropriate Government Rules/ Acts/ Notifications.

• The diplomas/ degrees being conferred by the institution are recognized by its country’s appropriate governmental agencies/ international accrediting bodies/ internationally reputed fashion education institutes.

• It has been conferring diplomas/degrees for at least five years at the time of applying for IFFTI Membership.

• Its faculty is engaged in research publication and scholarship.

• It has adequate dedicated library, laboratory and other training facilities.

• It is willing to submit the necessary documents for review by the IFFTI Executive Committee and the General Council.

• It can provide a reference from an existing IFFTI member institution.


Associate Membership would generally be granted to an institution which, although is unable to meet the stringent criteria laid down for Regular Membership, but has an excellent record of providing worthwhile educational and related facilities for the student community in one or more areas of design, technology and business for the fashion related industry. Additionally:-

• It should be engaged in fashion related education for a minimum period of three years prior to applying for IFFTI membership.

• It should be willing to accept the ‘Observer’ status in the formal meetings of IFFTI and would not enjoy any voting rights.


1. Criteria.

1.1 In order to apply for membership a corporation should be recommended by IFFTI member of either category.

1.2 The Company should be of good repute and standing including financial standing and business ethics. The latest Annual Report is to be provided in support thereof.

1.3 Fees: $5,000 per Annum. The Company should commit to remain a member for a minimum of three years.

2. Benefits include:-

2.1 Free conference attendance for two delegates.

2.2 Opportunity to participate in the deliberations of appropriate IFFTI Sub-Committee(s).

2.3 Receive copies of all IFFTI publications.

2.4 Access to global network of educational institutes.

2.5 Global recognition.

2.6 Listed on IFFTI website.

3. Corporate Sponsors are to be referred to Membership Committee for approval.

4. Corporate Sponsors will not have voting rights

5. Corporate Sponsors are regulated to 25% of membership numbers


IFFTI will no longer invite applications from individuals.

This policy aims to address the service of members to IFFTI upon their retirement and promotes their continued active membership .This is an honorary category nominated by the Membership Sub-Committee and appointed by the Executive Committee.

1. Criteria.

1.1 This membership is for a former IFFTI University member who retires after distinguished and sustained service to their University and IFFTI

2. Members hold the following privileges of membership:-

2.1 Emeritus members pay no membership fees but will be able to attend conference at the member’s rate

2.2 Emeritus members can participate in the General Council activities.

2.3 Emeritus members have no voting rights.